Chip Tuning Box SKODA YETI 1.6 TDI CR 105 HP / 2.0 TDI 110 140 170 HP CR

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Verkoper: Top-Rated Seller (790) 100%, Objectlocatie: Milkowice, Verzending naar: Worldwide, Objectnummer: 122603048485 [txt] Thank you for choosing ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP device. It is the newest model of a device dedicated to cars with Common Rail injection engines, created for the most demanding drivers. The ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP device is equipped with 10 settings (10 MAP), which can be changed using the controls placed on the device. The kit consists of: Chip ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP, Cables with dedicated plugins, Assembly instructions and an operating manual, Warranty. „10 maps are dedicated to 10 various settings, which enable the choice of an optimal map for a particular car.“ Krzysztof Szpak Specialist. Motor vehicle ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP is equipped with 10 settings (10 MAP). 10 MAP means 10 different settings which enable making the choice of an optimal map for a particular car. They can be changed using the controls placed on the device. ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP is a modern and innovative digital device. CR-10MAP is a digital device which enables to match the program individually both to a particular car and the owner’s demands as well. Depending on our choice we can drive in a more dynamic way covering short stretches in a city, or in a combined cycle, or much more economically covering long routes. ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP is very simple and intuitive to use. We are able to change the settings in a car computer (ECU) very quickly and in an intuitive way. So far, vast knowledge and special equipment have been necessary. ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP means: Increased power and torque up to 30%. Limitation of fuel consumption even up to 2 liters/100km. Quick change of settings using the ten controls (10 MAP). Lack of necessity of interfering into the original engine control program. Simple and safe tuning method for cars UNDER WARRANTY. Quick and easy installation just in a few minutes. Original producer’s plugins that guarantee reliable connection. 10 most important advantages of ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP: Up to 10 defined settings.The device offers 10 defined settings. Each of them has different torque, power level and consumption limit characteristics. There are sports settings operating on the highest parameters, and the ones for a daily usage, and also the parameters we can cut fuel consumption within. Improvement of driving dynamics.Improvement of an accelerator pedal sensitivity and better acceleration. Increase in the power output of a car.Increasing the power from 15% to 30% depending on the map and power output of an engine – even 45hp. Increasing the top speed of a car.Maximum speed of a car is increased together with the power. Increasing the torque.The torque is essential in daily usage of a car. Thanks to ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP it can be increased even by 60 NM. After matching the best settings, appropriately high torque stays in a wide speed range of an engine making the engine flexible. It enables, among others, smooth ride without the necessity of frequent gear shift. Decrease of fuel consumption.There are also ECO maps among the defined 10 MAPs which limit fuel consumption. They are used mostly for long routes to save even 2 liters/100km. Safety of maintaining the car warranty.ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP can be used even in a car under warranty because no parameters in an electronic control unit (ECU) are changed permanently. After disconnecting the device, ECU returns to its output parameters, so the modification is undetectable during MOT/ servicing. Quick-assembly.The device is a self-assembly one. The kit includes a detailed manual and dedicated cables with original plugins. Quick effect.Thanks to electronics during modification with ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP the power in a car is increased, so there is no need to interfere into mechanical or sub-assembly parts of an engine and the result occurs perceptibly immediately. Durability and reliability.ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP is created in SMD technology. The entirety is closed in a casing made of durable plastic which isolates temperature well. Wires in heat-resistant electrical conduits are equipped with waterproof plugs which secure durability and reliability of a connection. Please notice: Increase of power and torque is dependent on output parameters of a car, e.g. capacity and power of an engine and the technical condition of a vehicle. Easy and quick assembly of ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP in 5 steps. Make sure the car is not working and all electric elements are in an OFF position. The key in the ignition ought to be in an OFF position, no devices such as navigation, car radio, air- conditioning, internal lighting etc. ought to be working. If a car is not started with a key, the power ought to be cut off with a START/STOP button or by removing a card. After removing the engine compartment cover, we locate the common rail (main element of an injection system. There is a pressure sensor on the rail. Its location is shown in a detailed manual attached to the kit – may be different for different models of cars. We unpin a plug from the indicated pressure sensor on the common rail. On the plug there are latches or metal clasps. They should be unpinned before trying to unplug the connector from a socket. Setting about connecting the device. Joining ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP with a cable from the kit. One of the proper cable connectors we plug into a free socket of pressure sensor on the common rail in a way to produce a characteristic sound of click of a clasp. The other connector of the cable for ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP we join with a connector previously unplugged from the pressure sensor. After the completing the connection correctly we can switch on the ignition (turn the key in the ignition not starting the engine.) The device should be started. The proper connection is indicated with a glowing diode. The choice of an optimal map for a caris an individual matter. Increase of power and torque and decrease of consumption depends mostly on power output of a car, engine capacity and technical condition of a car. It is advised to begin testing of CR-10MAP with economical programs (1-3) heading to stronger ones, choosing this way the optimal program, and to observe occurring changes. It is worth noticing that the newest car with low mileage the higher increase of power. Numeric range of maps allowes to match the settings according to needs and demands of a particular engine. You can choose from: sports maps – maps numbered 10-7, dedicated to dynamic drive covering shorter routes, getting maximum power and torque from the engine. universal maps – maps numbered 6-4, dedicated to daily drive which guarantee increase of power and torque, and improve efficiency of an engine work, causing reduction of fuel consumption about 0,5-1,0 l/100 km. economical maps – maps numbered 3-1, which allow to get the lowest fuel consumption and improve driving dynamics and engine work at the same time. Depending on capacity of an engine the fuel consumption may decrease about 0,5-2,0 l/100 km. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. Q:Must the device be constantly plugged into common rail? A:Yes, the device must be constantly plugged into the sensor of a common rail. When you disconnect the device the car returns to its factory settings. Q:Despite switching the engine off the diode on the device is still glowing. Can the situation cause discharging the battery in my car? A:No. The diode in the device takes minimum electricity. After switching the engine off the computer automatically cuts the power off in a car system. It disappears after some defined time, it can happen after 10 minutes or just 1 minute. It is dependent on a model of a car and solutions applied in it. Q:Should I turn the engine off before switching the map? A:Yes. To let ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP device work properly the engine should be turned off each time before changing the map. Then we can be sure that the modification is going to impact ECU correctly in a car. Q:Is the device going to cooperate with diesel particulate filter DPF? A:Yes, ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP has been constructed to cooperate with cars equipped with DPF as well as cars without the filter. Remember! Testing the settings should be started from the lowest level observing the car. If you notice that the car starts to jerk or any other alarming symptoms do not turn on stronger settings. If it happens you turn on too strong program, the car will switch itself into a safe mode protecting the engine against any damages. Everything returns to factory settings after disconnecting the device. In this case the program should be lowered to the previous already tested and the device should be installed once again. Did you know: Car producers designing their power units are very cautious. Engines are so strong as the market demands, emissions standards or parameters of a current model. The truth is almost all power units have a far greater potential, just it is limited by producers. One thing is certain! Your engine is worth much more! Strips on the plugs. It can happen that the chip with cables we received for ChipBox ProRacing® CR-10MAP device differs slightly from the one we have in a car. For the reason of import of cars from different countries it happens sometimes that car subassemblies can differ a bit. In such situation we usually remove the strips on the plugs. The strips are only for the robots in a factory during assembling cars allowing to plug the connector in a proper way. During a car usage the strips are useless and the plug is pinned the same and is equally water-resistant and reliable. Removing the strips is very simple. We remove only the strips on the plugs delivered with a device. There is no need to interfere into plugs in a car. Engines with Common Rail. Engines with Common Rail power system are characteristic in (comparing with power systems of previous types): steadier work, better fuel consumption, high thermodynamic efficiency, lower heat emission, softer noise, lower exhaust emission, ease about reaching performance parameters (power, torque.) One of the main features of Common Rail system is the possibility to create constant pressure regardless of the torque. It is possible basing on maps recorded in an engine control unit. Common Rail system enables control of high pressure basing on the data from a pressure sensor. IPC Our production meets the highest standards of international Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC) and international standards of production. Certificates of IPC are recognized all over the world as a quality guarantee of products and services in electronic industry. Using PN-IEC standards in production proces guarantees high quality of production and reproducibility of technological process. ProRacing® Digital ChipTuning Box CR-10Map dedicated toSKODA diesel engines with common rail. Table of power and torque in standard and values after modification in selected car models. SKODA STANDARD WITH CHIP BOX Car model Make year kW Bhp NM kW Bhp NM FABIA II 1.2 TDI CR 2010≥ 55 75 180 64 88 210 FABIA II 1.6 TDI CR 2010≥ 55 75 195 64 88 225 FABIA II 1.6 TDI CR 2010≥ 66 90 230 77 105 270 FABIA II 1.6 TDI CR 2010≥ 77 105 250 90 122 290 OCTAVIA II 1.6 TDI CR 2009-2012 77 105 250 90 122 290 OCTAVIA II 2.0 TDI CR 2010-2012 81 110 250 96 130 295 OCTAVIA II 2.0 TDI CR 2005-2012 103 140 320 122 165 375 OCTAVIA II 2.0 TDI CR 2005-2012 125 170 350 147 200 410 OCTAVIA III 1.6 TDI CR 2012≥ 66 90 230 77 105 270 OCTAVIA III 1.6 TDI CR 2012≥ 77 105 250 90 122 290 OCTAVIA III 2.0 TDI CR 2012≥ 110 150 320 128 175 375 OCTAVIA III 2.0 TDI CR 2012≥ 135 184 380 154 210 435 PRAKTIK 1.2 TDI CR 2010≥ 55 75 180 64 88 210 PRAKTIK 1.6 TDI CR 2010≥ 66 90 230 77 105 270 RAPID II 1.6 TDI CR 2011≥ 77 105 250 90 122 290 ROOMSTER 1.2 TDI CR 2010≥ 55 75 180 64 88 210 ROOMSTER 1.6 TDI CR 2010≥ 66 90 230 77 105 270 ROOMSTER 1.6 TDI CR 2010≥ 77 105 250 90 122 290 SUPERB II 1.6 TDI CR 2010≥ 77 105 250 90 122 290 SUPERB II 2.0 TDI CR 2008≥ 103 140 320 122 165 375 SUPERB II 2.0 TDI CR 2008≥ 125 170 350 147 200 410 YETI 1.6 TDI CR 2010≥ 77 105 250 90 122 290 YETI 2.0 TDI CR 2009≥ 81 110 250 96 130 295 YETI 2.0 TDI CR 2009≥ 103 140 320 122 165 375 YETI 2.0 TDI CR 2009≥ 125 170 350 147 200 410 Condition: New, Brand: ProRacing, Manufacturer Part Number: 201493, Other Part Number: CR-10Map, Warranty: 2 Year, Country/Region of Manufacture: Poland Insights Exclusief
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